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Sipper Tumbler

Sipper Tumbler

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You’re missing out if you don’t have a Sipper tumbler. Use it for a morning coffee, then wash and use it for afternoon gin! (Or, just buy more than one and save yourself the washing!)

Hey there, adventurers and beverage aficionados! Introducing the epitome of sippable coolness: our Sipper tumbler! This ain’t your ordinary sipper wine tumbler – it’s a sleek style statement that keeps your drinks frosty or toasty, no matter where your wild escapades take you.

Imagine this: you’re out on the boat and your iced tea is chillaxing just as hard as you are. Or you’re trekking Cradle Mountain, and your coffee’s staying hotter than your trail stories. The Sipper tumbler is your trusty sidekick, maintaining your beverage’s temperature with enviable precision.

But let’s talk style, my adventurous pals! This sipper wine tumbler is the kind of accessory that elevates your outdoor game from “yeah, I’m here” to “heck yeah, I’m here!” Its sleek design effortlessly fits into your travel backpack, beach bag or cooler bag – because style should never slow you down!


  • 310ml / 10oz capacity
  • Choose from an open lid, or lid with a slide to get rid of spillage and drink (not wear!) that drink!


  • Double walled stainless steel
  • Powder coated
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