The Growler water bottle 1.89L


Don’t want to keep topping your water bottle up during the day? You need the Growler! Holding 1.9 litres, down just one bottle and you’ve nearly had your daily water intake! Made from double insulated, powder coated stainless steel, the Growler is both durable and will keep your water icy cold all day – even in the heat of the day.


Feast your eyes on the Growler – your ultimate hydration partner for all-day action!

Listen up, because this water bottle isn’t playing around. When we say “large,” we mean it’s practically the size of your enthusiasm for conquering the wild. With the Growler by your side, there’s no need for pit stops – this bad boy holds enough icy-cold refreshment to quench your thirst from sunrise to stargazing.

Imagine tackling tradie life, hitting the epic gorge hike or mastering the art of catching that ultimate fish, all while sipping on pure arctic bliss. The screw top lid and handy spout give you spill-proof sips whenever you need ’em – no fuss, no mess. And oh, that carry handle? It’s not just any handle – it’s your ticket to hydrating heroism. Grab that handle, hang it from a branch or do a bicep curl – it’s all in a day’s adventure.

So, fearless friend, grab the Growler and let your thirst for action run wild. With a water bottle this colossal, you’re not just hydrating – you’re making a statement. “I came, I saw, I hydrated.”


  • Double walled vacuum insulated
  • Condensation free
  • 1.89L (64oz) capacity
  • Screw top drinking spout
  • Screw top lid for re-filling
  • Carry handle


  • Stainless steel powder coated


Product Weight

0.478 kg | 1.05 lbs

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