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VZ1 Dash Cam Manual

With your new VZ1 dash cam, you can now capture all the moments on the road and have peace of mind knowing you have reliable and high quality recording capabilities, for adventure driving and should any accidents occur.

Our handy user manual is designed to help you get the most out of your dash cam and make the setup process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The VIZN app is the easiest app that you can use with a dash cam.

VIZN DashCam App

Need help with the VIZN DashCam app? No problem!

You can find all the information you need to be up and running quickly, such as how to download the app, navigate its features and functions such as WiFi and GPS connections, image and video storage, and troubleshoot potential issues. Let us help you make the setup fast and simple.

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Here are the most common questions about our dash cams that we receive from our customers.

Does the VZ1 have parking mode?

Yes, the VIZN VZ1 will enter parking mode when the vehicle ignition is turned off. Whilst in parking mode the VZ1 will record in 5fps

Do I have to hardwire the VZ1?

No, our standard kit comes with 12v socket to plug and play.

Do I have to have the VZ1 hardwired for parking mode?


Will the VZ1 drain my battery?

The camera will draw power from the vehicle to operate. Our hardwire kits have voltage protection which will turn off the camera at a pre-set voltage to avoid running the car battery flat. The settings can be toggled between 11.8, 12, 12.2 & 12.4v. The lower your vehicle battery will be when the camera turns off, the longer the parking recording will be.

Does the VZ1 have GPS?

Yes. The GPS will provide location and speed for the videos. Once you download footage you can view the GPS playback from within the VIZN Dashcam app. GPS can be disabled from within the app if required.

Does the VZ1 have audio recording?

Yes, audio recording can be turned off from within the app if required.

Does The VZ1 have parking mode motion sensor?

No, the VZ1 will record continuously during parking mode (until the voltage protection kicks in)

How far back will the VZ1 record?

This will vary based on size of SD card, resolution, if rear camera is fitted and the amount of time the camera is operating in normal mode and parking mode. As a guide the front camera in 2K continuous recording in normal mode with a 64GB SD card is around 9.5 hours. With both front 2k & rear HD it is around 6 hours.

Do I need to put SD card in computer to view footage?

Do I need to put the SD card in a computer to view footage?

Should I stay connected to the camera’s Wi-Fi even when im not accessing the camera?

No, the Wi-Fi connection to the camera is a local connection only, used for viewing and downloading footage saved to the SD card or to change settings.

Can I view footage in real time remotely?

No, the Wi-Fi connection to the camera is not internet. It is used as a local connection to connect to the camera to view and download footage saved to the SD card or to change settings.

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