Maximising Your Dash Cam’s Recording Time

March Wed, 2023

There are many ways to maximise recording time for dash cams, including using a high-capacity memory card and lowering video quality. However, the best way is to use a hardwire kit rather than the cigarette lighter port (12-volt socket) to power the dash cam.

Using a hardwire kit with voltage protection is even better, meaning it has its voltage regulator. Therefore, it provides secure power for the dash cam and protects the vehicle’s electrical system.

What is a Hardwire Kit?

A hardwire kit connects the dash cam to the car’s battery or fuse box. This method provides a more permanent and stable power source without a power cord.

The kit typically includes a wiring harness consisting of the following:

  • Power cable
  • Ground wire
  • Fuse

With a hardwire kit, soldering is unnecessary to connect two electronic components.

Benefits of Hardwire Kits for Dash Cams

Hardwiring your dash cam has several advantages over using the 12-volt power source or the cigarette lighter port. It is the best way to install your dash cam and the easiest, as well, since you don’t have to be skilled in wiring. You should also note that some dash cams require hardwiring so that you can use parking mode, motion detection, and other features.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a hardwire kit for your dash cam, here are some benefits that will convince you:

Installation is Easier and More Secure

You don’t need to be a professional car technician to install a hardwire kit for your dash cam. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before you get started.

In general, you will need a few tools, such as:

  • Crimping tool for connecting the wires
  • Needle nose pliers for removing fuses
  • Trim tool for routing the vehicle cables properly
  • Multimeter for checking the battery, ground, and fuse

On average, installation takes about an hour, which involves checking the following:

  • Battery health to determine whether the dash cam, when hardwired, will perform as intended
  • Ground point for ensuring your safety and your vehicle, as well as in the case of a short circuit
  • Electrical circuits in the fuse box to find the constant (always hot) and switched fuses

As with any electrical system, you must be careful when hardwiring your dash cam. Improper installation can cause severe vehicle damage. To be worry-free, contact a car technician.

Recording Time is Greatly Improved

Hardwiring a dash cam allows you to configure it to operate when in parking mode. That means the device will continue monitoring even when your vehicle is turned off.

Parking mode generally relies on specific technologies, including the following:

  • G-Sensors: In this mode, the dash cam is automatically activated when it detects an impact, such as a person bumping into your car.
  • Motion Detection: Recording begins with motion in front of the car. For example, the dash cam is immediately triggered if someone walks by or a car drives past.
  • Time-Lapse: In this mode, recording will be much slower to capture fewer frames per second. However, the device will continuously operate longer without consuming too much memory card space.

For example, you can use time-lapse to record an entire night’s worth of footage when you leave your car in an unfamiliar spot.

Hardwiring Prevents Power Supply Interruptions

Specific dash cams can record even when the vehicle is not running. This dash cam feature, usually called parking (surveillance) mode, is beneficial for those who want to continue recording their surroundings while the vehicle is parked. But a constant power supply is required for this feature to be enabled. This is why a hardwire kit becomes so advantageous.

Unlike the 12-volt power source or the cigarette lighter port, hardwiring can provide a consistent power supply for the dash cam. That means you do not have to worry about the device not recording or shutting off unpredictably, especially when needed. Hardwiring the dash cam will receive continuous and reliable power throughout the day – even when your car is not running.

Hardwiring Also Protects Car Battery Life

A common concern for many drivers with hardwiring a dash cam is that it will drain the battery, particularly when it is parked. But here’s the good news. Using a hardwire kit will improve the battery life in various ways.

First, hardwiring allows for automatic power cut-offs. Make sure you pick a dash cam hardwiring kit with built-in voltage control. This feature will turn off the dash cam instantly whenever your car’s battery voltage drops below a specific level.

With this voltage protection, you can rest assured that the dash cam will not drain your car’s battery completely, which is one of the root causes of shortened battery lifespan and damage.

Another benefit is low power consumption. The newer dash cam models no longer require much power to run. However, you can reduce power use even more when in parking mode. Your dash cam, when hardwired, allows you to take advantage of parking surveillance mode, so it records its surroundings intermittently.

Alternatively, you can use motion detection to significantly reduce the impact on your car’s battery.

Your dash cam will generally record up to five or 10 minutes when in parking mode. The short recording times are beneficial because they prevent significant battery draining. This is true even when the device is recording nonstop.

In addition, you can set the dash cam to activate during certain events, such as when it detects movement or impact. Doing so further reduces battery use, which helps preserve its life.

Never Worry about Cords and Wires

Hardwiring a dash cam can help give your car a cleaner look. You do not have to deal with visible cords and wires, typically if you install the camera to another power source.

Connecting the camera to a cigarette lighter or USB port leads to wires running across the centre console or dashboard. Because a hardwire kit directly links the camera to your car’s electrical system, it receives the power it requires without using any external wires. The result is a much neater and more organised look for your car’s interior.

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Enjoy Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

Hardwiring a dash cam hides the device, which is not just for aesthetic purposes but also for safety reasons. It reduces the risk of theft because there are no cords for thieves to follow.

Here’s another reason why you should hardwire your dash cam. If you are among those who often turn on their dash cam, you will significantly benefit from a hardwire kit.

It’s potentially useful in the event of an accident, too. Because hardwiring the device means that the device is continuously recording, you can have valuable evidence if there is a road incident. The footage may be helpful with insurance claims.

The beauty of hardwiring the device is that it will automatically turn on with your car’s ignition. It will also turn off when the vehicle is not running unless you set it to respond in specific cases.

With such a benefit, you will no longer need a reminder to turn the camera on and off every time you drive. This ensures that your journeys will always be recorded, and you can view them at a later time.

You should undoubtedly hardwire your dash cam if you want constant power, reliable performance, and car battery protection.

A hardwire kit is a worthwhile investment. It’s the perfect solution for easy, clean, and discreet installation. Enjoy a continuous power supply for your dash cam and enhance your car’s safety features with the VIZN hardwire kit today!